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 Company Profile

    Shanghai Size Automation Equipment Co., Ltd is a scientific company ,which integrates the research ,engineering design, manufacturing and service providing in vacuum technology, air tightness detection and Helium leak detection .By employing professional experts and applying leading design concept, aims to provide you function-excellent manufacturing and detection equipment of international competitiveness .

     Since foundation on July 1st,2008,our machines has successfully been applied in the following fields: nuclear power station, refrigeration, A/C high voltage power transmission, packaging container, automobile parts and etc 。Among them ,the fastest detecting rate is 4。5second and the highest pressure reaches 26MPa。Meanwhile we have already obtained a patent of key technology 。Shanghai Size is now being one of the world first-class leakage detection machine providers。

Company History

    Established in July 1, 2008, Shanghai Size is committed to the development and expansion of equipment manufacturing as well as energy conservation and emission reduction.

    Shanghai Size Automation Equipment Co。, Ltd attracts senior talents with years of working experience in automation equipment area, and manages the business with international vision, advanced management concept and profound accumulation of experience in industrial equipment。

    Since its establishment, Shanghai Size has got two first places in the industry. First, we make the fastest progress in helium leak detection industry and have the highest charge pressure for detection; second, we are the first company that introduces logistics management and SPI data analysis management concept into the industry, making detection and quality management much more scientific and intelligent. What's more, we has successfully applied for patents, among which helium leak detection equipment for packaging containers has a high market share of up to 98%, making us rank among the world’s leading equipment suppliers. 

     Currently, Shanghai Size’s equipments have been successfully applied in various fields such as nuclear power equipment manufacturing, high voltage power transmission and transformation, auto parts, air conditioner condenser and evaporator, air-conditioner compressor, packaging containers and the like.  

Business Philosophy  

    Keep up with the trend of saving energy & reducing emissions and improving equipment manufacturing, consider first-class talents and leading technologies our competitive edge, and pursue development featuring introduction-digestion-absorption-innovation;

    Regard customers as strategic partners, and provide specialized and customized systematic solutions for customers; 

    Regard suppliers as strategic partners, and provide reliable guarantee for Shanghai Size system products based on world-class product, reliable quality, advanced technology and mature service system;

    Shanghai Size aims not to be the largest, but the most professional, dedicated and focused company; win customers’ trust。  

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